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Pure hog bristle
Available in 25mm, 50mm, 70mm and 100mm sizes

Protec Vinyl Gloves

Available in packs of 20 and 100

Oldfields Roller

Designed to roll through the liquid membrane, not just push as a general roller will do. Allows even distribution of liquid membrane.
Availabe in 230mm size.

Stop Leak Tape

Stop Leak Flashing Tape is a polyester fused aluminium foil coated with thick Butyl rubber adhesive used for weathersealing joints and seams. Uses include repairs to roofing, guttering, downpipe or water tank tops, sealing joints around skylights, doors or adjoining building surfaces and weathersealing seams in caravans, trucks, toolsheds etc. Stop Leaks is not a permanent solution in replacing existing weather flashings on the home.

Adheres permanently to clean dry surfaces including:

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Leak Seal Tape

Duram Leak-Seal Tape is a waterproofing membrane / reinforcing fabric combination to provide a simple yet excellent waterproofing solution and technique for joins, corners, cracks and gaps. Duram Leak-Seal Tape is unique reinforcing fabric combined with a special 1mm (approx.) self adhesive waterproofing compound. Used in conjunction with Duram waterrpoofing membranes, it provides the ultimate method in waterproofing and sealing joints, corners and cracks. Duram Leak-Seal Tape is simple to apply, is quick, saves time, money and importantly provides the ultimate in waterproofing technique, and long term reliability and protection.

Product Datasheet



Polyester reinforcing fabric suitable for use with all Duram waterproofing membranes.

Important: Refer to product data sheet for additional information and application instruction.

Product Datasheet


Danco® 820 (Silver) and Danco® 822 (Dark Grey) Flashtape

Aluminium foil backing with bituminous mastic and paper release liner. Instant, permanent and watertight, bonds to a wide range of substrates.
Ideal for a wide variety of construction applications including permanent repairs to all types of gutters and flashings.
Easily applied.

Colour: Silver or Dark Grey
Roll Length: 10m

Danco Flashing Tape
Danco Flashing Tape