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Duram ROCKTUFF is a tough, durable, single pack, liquid applied, moisture curing, aromatic polyurethane anti-slip and protective coating. It cures to form a tough, abrasive resistant, semi-flexible coating in an attractive textured finish.

Rocktuff has excellent durability as it is heat, water, salt water, impact and chemical resistant (dilute acids and alkalies).

Rocktuff has been designed to provide a slip resistant floor and
protective coating for foot and vehicular traffic.

Rocktuff (used in conjunction with Rocktuff Smooth Coating) has
been tested to AS/NZS 4586:2004

Rocktuff is available in an aliphatic version where colour fastness is important.

Important: Refer to product data sheet for additional information and application instruction.

Product Datasheet

Material Safety Datasheet


Please contact Duram for the latest version